Buyers: Shop for new and used figure skating dresses, skates, clothes and more.

Sellers: Do you have items you'd like to sell at the Skate Swap and Shop?

Leave your items on the day of the Skate Swap & Shop event for Lakewood Winter Club to sell for you. LWC consignment fee is 20% of sales. (Please label your items with your name and price and provide a list of the items you brought).

Please turn in your registration form by Wednesday, April 19th for selling at the Skate Swap and Shop.

Registration Form

Inventory Sheet

For more information contact

Shaunie Lee or Tammy Haywood at

All proceeds (table and consignment fees) from the Skate Swap and Shop will go to the Lakewood Winter Club Competition Fund.

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Skate Swap and Shop

Please join us for the next Skate Swap and Shop

Saturday April 22nd

at the ISI Spring Fever Competition at Sprinker Recreation Center

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