May Blades Chair

Tammy Haywood

Volunteers Needed for May Blades
Contact Tammy Haywood for volunteer opportunities

Accounting Room:  Shaunie Lee
    Assists accountants in room set up
    Rents copy machine
    Recruits & coordinates volunteers for accounting
    Purchases accounting supplies

Announcers: Loren Zimmerman
    Recruits volunteers for announcing

Awards:  Jennifer Weber
    Researches and purchases awards
    Recruits volunteers for handing out awards
    Click here to sign  up to volunteer at the Awards table.

Clean Up:  Tammy Haywood
    Recruits volunteers for post-competition clean-up

Decorations:     Kathy Wainhouse
    Purchases, installs and removes decorations

Goody Bags:     Jeff Scott
    Solicits donations for good bag items
    Assembles goody bags
    Purchases some goody bag items

Officials Hospitality:    Chris Medley
    Plans menu, purchase and prepares food for judges & officials
    Recruits volunteers for officials hospitality
    Coordinates menus with other hospitality to save cost/work

Professionals Hospitality:  Chris Medley
    Plans menu, purchase and prepares food for competitors & professionals
    Recruits volunteers to staff hospitality room
    Coordinates menus with other hospitality to save cost/work

Ice Monitors:   Tammy Haywood
    Recruits volunteers for ice monitoring, including practice ice - 2 monitors         required for jumps, spins and compulsory moves events.

Registration Desk / Music Runners: Christy Patterson
    Sets up registration and music desk
    Recruits and coordinates volunteers for working registration desk and music
    Sell results and programs
    Answer competitors questions

Signs:     Kathy Wainhouse
    Creates and posts informational signs

Vendors:  Tammy Haywood
    Recruits vendors for Rainier Room
    Administers vendor contacts and collects proceeds

May 18-20, 2018

Sprinker Recreation Center

Tacoma WA

May Blades is a Figure Skating Competition held at Sprinker Recreation Center in Tacoma WA

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